Public Safety

Listen: Public Safety Meeting – November 9th 2021



ENP (Extended Neighborhood Patrol) – Uptown Dallas Inc. utilizes funds to hire off-duty Dallas Police Officers to patrol Uptown during peak hours. These officers have often times been the first responders to incidents within the district.

Sergeant Ketric Jones, with the Dallas Police Department has stepped into the Field Supervisor role on Friday and Saturday nights in Uptown. Uptown Dallas Inc. has also added supplemental support of additional ENP officers for the weekends and Sgt. Jones works with this team to coordinate their efforts.

Uptown Security Patrol – Uptown Dallas Inc., along with supplying supplemental ENP officers during peak times, also employs a third-party security company to work with all parties to help keep Uptown safe. Uptown Dallas Inc. is currently in the process of interviewing a new security company with the potential of adding more hours of coverage and discussing other necessary needs for the neighborhood.