McKinney Avenue Trolley

CLICK HERE to TRACK THE TROLLEY and hop aboard. The McKinney Avenue Trolley is more than 5 miles of tracks to get you around Uptown and parts of Downtown Dallas, including popular stops like Klyde Warren Park and the Uptown Station.



Uptown Dallas has one of the highest walkability scores in DFW (92+). We encourage developers to provide the community with wide sidewalks, green space and public art for great strolls throughout the neighborhood. Uptown Dallas Inc. also offers a 50/50 Matching Grants Program to help property owners repair sidewalks, amongst other repairs.



Scooters have arrived in Dallas and the pilot program is still undergoing regulations by the City of Dallas, however, Uptown Dallas Inc. is encouraging scooter riders to abide by all standard traffic laws – DO NOT ride on sidewalks. CLICK HERE to WATCH OUR SCOOTER SAFETY TIPS



Uptown Dallas Inc. is an advocate for bike mobility in Uptown. It’s a great way to get around with ease. All developments in Uptown have accessible bike racks and we are working hard to identify potential bike lanes throughout the district. All bike riders should follow standard traffic laws – DO NOT ride on sidewalks.


Ride Shares

We work closely with ride share programs like Uber, Lyft, Alto and Bubble. Uptown Dallas Inc. is currently researching designated pick/up and drop off locations for better flow of traffic. Be sure to use all precautions when getting into your ride share.