Current Initiatives


  • 50/50 PROGRAM – In an effort to upkeep the appearance of the Uptown district, Uptown Dallas, Inc.’s 50/50 Assistance/Enhancement Program allows property owners to apply for assistance to Public Right of Way enhancements in connection to their property. CLICK HERE TO APPLY
  • GRIGGS PARK – The beautiful 8-acre vista known as Griggs Park is nestled within the historic State Thomas neighborhood. After more than 5-years of fundraising, Uptown Dallas Inc. was able to reconstruct, expand and bring the addition of a playground, half-court basketball court, lighting, walking path, pergola and spectacular oblelisk marker dedicated to Reverend Allen R. Griggs where the park gets its namesake.
  • MEDIANS/FLORA – Uptown Dallas Inc. manages and maintains the medians by planting seasonal flora and replacing dead shrubbery and/or trees to keep Uptown one of the most beautiful districts in the city.
  • CLEAN STREETS – In 2017, Uptown Dallas, Inc. proudly announced the addition of Block by Block, a cleaning, hospitality, safety and outreach company that helps us keep Uptown in pristine condition. If you see them out and about throughout Uptown (they’re the ones wearing bright blue with the Uptown Dallas, Inc. logo) be sure to say “Hi!”


  • EVENTS – 2019 is filled with awesome events for the Uptown community! For more information contact
  • ART – We can all agree art adds that special something to a neighborhood. The culture, colors and vibrancy that art can portray is an important one and we’re officially on a mission to add more art to Uptown. Last year, Uptown Dallas, Inc. added 12 new murals to the neighborhood. The murals are located across the western border of the Uptown district directly below the Katy Trail. (Blackburn, Lemmon Ave, Lemmon Ave East, Hall, Bowen, Cedar Springs).
  • PLACEMAKING – Uptown is less than one-square mile. CLICK HERE to view the Uptown Boundary Map. You know when you’re in Uptown thanks to our placemaking efforts like the entry javelins and ribbons that boast the name UPTOWN. In 2018 we began a multi-year process of adding Uptown street toppers to all the street signs.
  • COMMUNICATION – We want to keep you in the know on all things Uptown. You can sign up for our bi-weekly newsletter on the homepage of this website, attend our events and follow us on all our social media channels.


  • ENP (Extended Neighborhood Patrol) – Uptown Dallas Inc. utilizes funds to hire off-duty Dallas Police Officers to patrol Uptown during peak hours. These officers have often times been the first responders to incidents within the district.
  • RHI (Responsible Hospitality Institute) – In 2018, Uptown Dallas Inc. engaged with RHI to complete a nightime economy study that helped identify, improve and initiate plans for a safer district. CLICK HERE for the study.


  • TWO-WAY CONVERSION – Let’s get back to the way things used to be. Did you know McKinney and Cole used to be two-way, but were turned into one-way streets in the 70’s to accommodate commuters from North Dallas to Downtown while construction took place on Hwy 75? Studies have shown that two-way streets create slower / safer speeds, less congestion and better route choices. Turning our commuter streets back to two-way neighborhood streets will also allow Uptown to reclaim blank public spaces and turn them into parks/plazas. By the end of 2019, Uptown Dallas Inc. along with the City of Dallas, will be entering the design phase. CLICK HERE to learn more.


  • STRATEGIC PLANNING – In 2018, Uptown Dallas Inc. developed a new set of strategic goals and outlines as we march into the future. To view the current strategic plan, CLICK HERE.
  • 501(c)(3) – The Uptown Dallas Inc. Governance Committee guides our organization through policies, procedures and fundamental standards. Minutes are taken at each committee and board meeting and Uptown Dallas Inc. is subject to open records. Please contact the UDI office should you have interest in participating in the organization or have questions regarding the not for profit.