50/50 PROGRAM – In an effort to keep the appearance, beauty and best practices of the Uptown district, Uptown Dallas, Inc.’s 50/50 Assistance/Enhancement Program allows property owners to apply for assistance to Public Right of Way enhancements in connection to their property. CLICK HERE TO APPLY

GRIGGS PARK – The beautiful 8-acre vista known as Griggs Park is nestled within the historic State Thomas neighborhood. After more than 5-years of fundraising, Uptown Dallas Inc. was able to reconstruct, expand and bring the addition of a playground, half-court basketball court, lighting, walking path, pergola and spectacular oblelisk marker dedicated to Reverend Allen R. Griggs where the park gets its namesake.

MEDIANS/FLORAL – Uptown Dallas Inc. manages and maintains the medians by planting seasonal flora and replacing dead shrubbery and/or trees to keep Uptown one of the most beautiful districts in the city.


CLEAN STREETS / AMBASSADORS – In 2024, Uptown Dallas, Inc. proudly announced our partnership with ESC Federal, a cleaning, hospitality, safety and outreach company that helps us keep Uptown in pristine condition. If you see them out and about throughout Uptown (they’re the ones wearing blue with the Uptown Dallas, Inc. logo) be sure to say “Hi!”