Uptown Dallas is one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in Dallas. We are proud to partner with local artists on art installations throughout the district. Uptown Dallas Inc is in search of diverse local artists to complete bright, beautiful murals on a concrete underpass wall or vacant building. Artwork sketch must be presented and approved by Uptown Dallas, Inc. and any additional parties as needed (i.e. Friends of Katy Trail, City of Dallas). 

Uptown Dallas Inc. has a large following on social media and within the community. Progress of the installation will be captured and promoted on social media and a press release upon completion will be produced. Artists will be tagged and highlighted.     


Exhibition Title: This is Uptown!    

Description of Art Installation:  Murals must, in an artistic way, represent the Uptown district and Dallas in a positive way. Bright paint colors are recommended. Paint products only. No attachments, suspensions, or obstructions can be made to the wall(s). Incorporating the artwork to be interactive (i.e. take a photo with) is ok for approved walls that have proper sidewalks. A minimal fee will be paid to the artist, which included costs for supplies.  

Proposed Installation Locations (To Be Finalized by February):  

Fairmount & Katy Trail Underpass: The Katy Trail passes over Fairmount on the edge of Uptown. The art installation includes both sides of the underpass. The North wall is 34’ 7” and the South wall is 36’ 6”. 

McKinney and Fairmount: This site is the former Gold’s Gym building. It is vacant and currently boarded up. We want to install a large multi-panel installation that runs along two sides of the building. Two and three-dimensional work. Open to all artists.   


To Apply:    

  1. Complete Call for Artists Entry Form 
  2. Email entry to marketing@uptowndallas.net

Deadline:    Entry Deadline is Tuesday, February 20, 2024 by COB.     

Artists will be notified of their acceptance on or before Friday, March 8, 2024. If accepted, a follow up meeting will be held to discuss details, timeline, materials, etc.