Est. 1884
Although there are no Uptown Trails markers within its boundaries, this cemetery is rich with unique stories of members of Dallas’ oldest Jewish congregation. A prominent starting point is the long list of the great merchants whose names have emblazoned storefronts: Linz, Kahn, Titche, Sanger and Neiman. Simon Linz and his five brothers started their namesake jewelry business in 1891. In 1924 Simon established the Linz Award, which still annually honors great community benefactors. Emanuel Meyer (E.M.) Kahn literally oversaw his retail operation from a raised platform in the center of the floor. Philip and Alexander, along with two other Sanger brothers, established a retail empire that served customers with Dallas’ first electric lights, first gas lights, first elevator, first escalator and (arguably) first telephone. Beginning in 1907, Dallas’ arbiter of taste and fashion for fifty years was Carrie Marcus Neiman. She served as chairman of the board of the trend-setting store she started with her husband, Al Neiman, and her brother

Herbert Marcus.
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