EVENTS – 2020 is filled with awesome events for the Uptown community! Interested in sponsoring? Contact for info.

ART – We can all agree art adds that special something to a neighborhood. The culture, colors and vibrancy that art can portray is an important one and we’re officially on a mission to add more art to Uptown. Last year, Uptown Dallas, Inc. added 12 new murals to the neighborhood. The murals are located across the western border of the Uptown district directly below the Katy Trail. (Blackburn, Lemmon Ave, Lemmon Ave East, Hall, Bowen, Cedar Springs). To view art in Uptown, CLICK HERE!

PLACEMAKING – Uptown is less than one-square mile. CLICK HERE to view the Uptown Boundary Map. You know when you’re in Uptown thanks to our placemaking efforts like the entry javelins and ribbons that boast the name UPTOWN. In 2018 we began a multi-year process of adding Uptown street toppers to all the street signs.

COMMUNICATION – We want to keep you in the know on all things Uptown. You can sign up for our bi-weekly newsletter on the homepage of this website, attend our events, and follow us on all our social media channels.