Current Initiatives


2019 is going to be filled with awesome events for the Uptown community! For more information and to see sponsorship packages, check out our Uptown Sponsorship Package!


With 80% of millennials wanting to live urban rather than suburban, it’s imperative that we focus on being family-friendly, so we’ve added the first Uptown public playground to Griggs Park. Completed in December 2016.


Last year, Uptown Dallas, Inc. embarked on a research study which led to a Public Art Plan. We can all agree art adds that something special to a neighborhood. The culture, colors and vibrancy that art can portray is an important one and we’re officially on a mission to add more art to Uptown.


Let’s get back to the way things used to be. Did you know McKinney and Cole used to be two-way, but were turned into one-way streets in the 70’s to accommodate commuters from North Dallas to Downtown while construction took place on Hwy 75? Studies have shown that two-way streets create slower / safer speeds, less congestion and better route choices. Turning our commuter streets back to two-way neighborhood streets will also allow Uptown to reclaim blank public spaces and turn them into parks/plazas. Click here to learn more.


Uptown is the most walkable district in Dallas, but we are constantly striving to find ways to make it even better. Through research studies and gathering community feedback we are working closely with the City of Dallas to bring awareness to crosswalks, traffic lights and more.


Uptown Dallas, Inc. is proud to announce the addition of Block by Block, a cleaning, hospitality, safety and outreach company that helps us keep Uptown in pristine condition. If you see them out and about throughout Uptown (they’re the ones wearing bright blue with the Uptown Dallas, Inc. logo) be sure to say “Hi!”