Saturday, September 30
9:30PM - 11:00PM
The Rustic, 3656 Howell St

Join us for free live music by Atlantis Aquarius!

About Atlantis Aquarius:

“Scenes in general can be an easy target for mockery — the insularity, the incest, the nonstop glad-handing and back-patting. It’d all feel a little cult-ish, actually, if they didn’t also boast some legitimate pluses, collaboration and competition chief among them.

The players in the upstart Dallas band Atlantis Aquarius seem to understand this. Boasting members of some of Dallas’ more successful bands of a certain ilk in recent memory — Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights, The Texas Gentlemen, Larry G(EE) & The Affections, Paul Cauthen, Rise & Shine, Buffalo Ruckus and Jack Ingram’s backing band, just to name a few — Atlantis Aquarius ain’t exactly running from its many, many ties to the North Texas music scene. Rather, it seems to be embracing it, incorporating elements from its many aesthetics into its twangy version of psych rock.

Co-fronted by Jordan Cain and Taylor Lumby, Atlantis Aquarius also seems to be taking full advantage of its many connections. Over the past few months, playing on bills alongside many of its members other projects, the band has been able to establish itself as one of the more thrilling new live outfits around town.” – Pete Freedman, Central Track

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