Sunday, October 20
8:00AM - 1:00PM
2719 Routh Street Dallas, TX 75201

A Weekend Class with Dr. Robert Sardello

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One of the great joys of this time concerns the gradual awakening of the crucial need for cultural guidance traditionally provided by the Wisdom of elders. While this awakening occurs quietly, it is likely that the decline of our civilization can be turned by this silent revolution.

We will, together, care for the soul of eldering. Starting with the archetypal template of the central place of the elders for the Original people of this land, we can come to carefully notice the pattern.  We can then peel away the belief in aging that obscures eldering. A new clarity shifts emphasizing decline into awakening living as service, contemplation as action, listening, a true presence with the great mystery of Earth, the priority of community, and awareness of the joys of silence, heart-presence, and stillness – as actual rhythmic forces of the as yet unknown creative dimension of pure receptivity.