- Anita Simmons, Uptown Dallas Inc.

UPTOWN, DALLAS (October 23, 2018) – Uptown Dallas Inc. commissioned local artists Corinne Bizzle and Mariel Pohlman over the weekend to enhance a 60-foot wall at Cedar Springs and the Katy Trail in Uptown as part of the public improvement districts public art initiative.

The entry point into the district has gone from a blank concrete wall to a bright and colorful placemaking stamp. The UPTOWN wall titled “Meet Me In Uptown” is a photographer and social media users dream.

“We’re enjoying watching the walls of Uptown come to life with vibrant art and engagement,” said Noelle LeVeaux, President and Executive Director for Uptown Dallas. Inc. “We wanted this wall in particular to be a collaborative effort among two artists as a representation that Uptown is the place to connect with friends and family.”

Uptown Dallas Inc. confidently chose artists Corinne Bizzle and Mariel Pohlman after seeing their Uptown sketch which featured their strengths of combining bright and playful colors with texture.

“Colors and movement are a form of communication in the art world,” said artist Corinne Bizzle. “When choosing colors, they have to have some sort of relationship with each other so this collaboration with Mariel was an opportunity to bring two completely different styles together and create art for everyone to enjoy.”

“Art can enhance a community, create an identity, and even show a return on investment for property owners,” stated artist Mariel Pohlman. “Being able to create a public art piece in Uptown is a privilege and I hope it brings a new life and energy to a spot that wasn’t anything special before.”

Uptown Dallas Inc. is also adding lighting to the underpasses to highlight the art at night and improve public safety. The Katy Trail which crosses above the wall locations at Cedar Springs, Bowen Street, Hall Street, Blackburn Street and both Lemmon Avenues are widely used and accessed at all hours.

“Enhancing our district through projects like this is what makes living, working, and playing in Uptown so special; it’s great for our community,” stated LeVeaux.




Uptown is Dallas’ premier urban live, work, play district. Uptown Dallas, Inc. (UDI) is a not-for-profit management group focused on the public improvement of the Uptown District (PID) through neighborhood maintenance projects, safety and marketing campaigns, neighborhood promotions and events. 2018 marks the 25th anniversary of Uptown Dallas Inc and the PID. For more information about Uptown, visit uptowndallas.net and follow Uptown Dallas on social media.

Corinne Bizzle is an abstract artist who continues to push her boundaries and inspire others with her bold choices of color, placement, and line. Her paintings involve layering techniques using mixed media to invoke curiosity for the viewer. Her work can be found in various Dallas / Fort Worth locations and has been showcased in New York City. For more information on Corinne visit www.corinnebizzleart.com and follow her art on Instagram @corinnebizzleart.

Mariel Pohlman is a Dallas-based artist, illustrator and typographist who creates custom works of all sizes for many corporate clients. Mainly known for her large-scale custom murals, Mariel has worked with Sylvan Thirty, Lyft, Heineken, Wal-Mart, Lime Bike and the Common Desk to name a few. For more information on Mariel, visit www.marpohl.com and follow her art on Instagram @marpohl.



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Anita Simmons
Director of Marketing & Communications
Uptown Dallas Inc.