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DALLAS (CBDFW.COM) – Two weeks after we told you about crime concerns driving businesses out of Dallas’s Uptown neighborhood, extra security patrols are coming to the popular entertainment district.

While some welcome the plan, others question whether it’s enough.  The move to add private security officers in Uptown comes at a time when more business owners are fed up with the neighborhood and demanding change.

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Selling hot pepperoni slices has never a problem at LA Gourmet Pizza on McKinney Avenue, but replacing $300 windows every few weeks has been a problem for owner Annie Choi.

“The homeless is the big problem here – too much homeless,” Choi said.  “They throw stones, and I have to change three or four times the windows.”

In recent weeks, two gunfire incidents recorded on video have happened right outside her business.

“Because of that I think not many customers (will) come to this … area,” she said.  “Our business is (going) down.”

A neighborhood association called Uptown Dallas, Incorporated has announced plans to hire a private security firm to combat crime.

Two security patrols will each work eight-hour shifts to provide an additional public safety presence.

Longtime Uptown resident Joe Barnes welcomes the security around his home and said he hasn’t felt he comfortable lately taking walks after dark.

“Almost every week and it seems like we hear some shots fired,” Barnes said.  “I never thought when I moved down here that I was going to be able to recognize a gunshot from the car backfiring.  Sadly that’s the case.”

The Dallas Police Department will participate in an online town hall meeting with Uptown stakeholders on Tuesday at 6:30 PM to address concerns