- Dr. Joseph Truong

I just wanted to acknowledge Johnny, Gary, and James for going above and beyond in helping me during the annual Uptown Dallas Block event.  In a just unfortunate event, I dropped my car key on the ground and it bounced into the gutter on the side of the road (on Noble avenue).  A friend of mine happened to have mentioned it and James overheard it and offered to help.  Johnny, Gary, and James walked all the way over to my car, assessed the situation, went back to get the proper tools, went back to the car, and even climbed INTO the manhole, in the dark (with help from our cell phone flashlights), and was able to obtain my car keys which was about 8 feet away and below the manhole cover.

They didn’t want anything in return (even though I offered) and went on their way, just saying that they were glad they can help.  They didn’t have to do this.  But I believe it’s employees like James, Gary, and Johnny who not only exemplify the efforts of Dallas Uptown Inc., but their actions make Uptown a better place to live.

*I hope that you please acknowledge and commend them on what they did.  I have attached a selfie (because I told them I would) to acknowledge their help.

Dr. Joseph Truong