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Uptown Dallas Inc. knows exactly what everyone needs right now, and it’s serving up a month of it in November. Get ready for loads of fun, freebies, music, a bubbly picnic in the park and much much more. It’s Gratitude and Kindness Month in Uptown, and you’re invited.

UDI, the public improvement driver for Uptown Dallas, has put together a diverse and exciting slate of activities and events that promises to make November a month to remember.

First, a pro tip: Follow Uptown Dallas’ social media — FacebookTwitter, and Instagram — to watch for all the happenings, because they are going to come fast and furious, beginning with a giant interactive art wall that launched yesterday at 3700 McKinney Avenue.

Popular local artist Mariel Pohlman is behind the mural “Grateful,” and while 2020 has been challenging in so many ways, it helps to remind yourself from time to time that gratitude is an important part of life. The installation will be available for your thoughts all month.

Friendsgiving Fun

Another highlight of the month takes place on November 21st, from 11 am until 1 pm. This one requires a reservation, but it’s going to be well worth it. It’s the Friendsgiving Picnic in the Park, and all you have to do is order your Friendsgiving seats from Uptown Picnic Co., take your seat (places are limited), and Uptown Dallas Inc. will ensure you dine well.

Bonus: the Bubble Bus will supply some champagne bubbles. Oh yes, there will be pet portraits — be sure to keep Rex on a leash — music and more.

These type of events are just part of Uptown Dallas’ draw.

Retailers and other commercial tenants are choosing Uptown as a prime place to plant their brand, and even as the base for their second home office, because it’s the heart of Dallas. Uptown is less than a square mile ― it’s dense with everything businesses are searching for and everything employees would need. To no surprise, Uptown Dallas Inc. will be handing out big dollar gift cards from a lot of these Uptown businesses this month.

Another great perk of the Uptown district is its ease of walkability. In fact, it boasts the highest walkability score (93) in the city of Dallas. It also has the free McKinney Avenue Trolley, which provides unlimited connectivity. Inside tip: You’ll want to ride the trolley this month (wink wink).

In many ways, Uptown is Dallas’ premier lifestyle district, and thanks to Uptown Dallas Inc., it’s going to be an especially exciting place to be in November. That’s something to be grateful about, too.