- Larry Collins, NBC5

Residents and business owners are taking a look at public security in Uptown Dallas. This comes on the heels of a recently released Dallas police report showing a 13% spike in violent crime.

Uptown Dallas, Inc. held a forum with law enforcement officers and specialists to discuss property and personal safety.

“We are in a big city and we are very close to the Central Business District and we know that cities have certain issues,” Uptown Dallas, Inc. interim President and Executive Director Noelle LeVeaux said. “We have an enhanced patrol program that we fund to make sure that our district is covered from Dallas Police Department.”

The group is also looking at changes in the city and how they affect the Uptown area.

“Obviously there are a lot of changes going on in regards to the district attorney and some of those changes are absolutely impacting our district,” LeVeaux said. “So, we are really going to be having a rich and comprehensive conversation about that so we know what we can do to make sure that our property and individuals are safe.”

Uptown Dallas, Inc. is also working with those in the area who have interaction with the homeless population.

“You know there is some confusion about the transient population and homelessness and when it is appropriate to call the police,” LeVeaux said.