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Uptown Dallas Inc. is taking the lead on scooter safety in Dallas.

Today the organization launched a scooter safety campaign complete with sidewalk clings, street signs, an upcoming mobility event, and even a video.

Enter Scooter Steve: This rad defender of justice (and traffic laws) oversees the Uptown neighborhood thanks to Uptown Dallas Inc., and is here to help you brush up on scooter safety.

He’s got tips for how and where to ride, and when to give pedestrians the right of way (the answer is always). Scooter companies are also on board, with Jump planning to distribute helmets at designated tables throughout Uptown.

Hop on and join Scooter Steve as he patrols Uptown, righting traffic wrongs and dispensing etiquette advice — even if you ride every day, you probably still need a refresher on the rules.