- Noelle LeVeaux, Uptown Dallas, Inc.

UPTOWN DALLAS, JANUARY 23, 2018: A couple hundred guests gathered on the 3rd floor of
McKinney & Olive to kick off a yearlong celebration commemorating the 25th anniversary of
Uptown Dallas, Inc(UDI) and the Public Improvement District(PID) it manages. The unfinished
space was filled with board members of the not for profit organization, land owners,
commercial real estate professionals, business owners and a variety of others.

The breakfast started with Noelle LeVeaux, interim President and Executive Director of UDI,
welcoming the crowd and giving some background on how the PID was established in 1993
through a special assessment agreed upon by land owners in the less than one square mile
district. She noted that the goal of the organization was to focus on enhancing the public realm
through neighborhood maintenance projects, public art, capital improvements, safety
initiatives, marketing campaigns, events and more.

Jud Pankey, CEO of Prescott Realty Group and chair of the UDI board of directors, took the
stage to highlight the incredible growth of Uptown over the past 25 years. “Shortly after it’s
inception, Uptown’s total land value in 1995 was $525 million. In 2017, that land value had
grown to $5.5 billion,” said Pankey. “The actual value per acre is now more than twice that of
an acre in the central business district,” he added.

Pankey completed his remarks by informing the audience that UDI had recently engaged in a
Strategic Planning Process to help identify the opportunities most relevant to the area to
ensure its continued growth, expansion and distinguished place in Dallas. He stated that UDI
would call on community leaders and experts in the industry to assist in finalizing and executing
the plan that focuses on areas including: mobility, public safety, shared economy, infrastructure
and more.

The meeting proceeded with a panel including Angela Hunt, former city councilmember and
attorney with Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr, Nathan Lenahan, Head of Operations, WeWork
Southern Region, and Joseph Pitchford, Managing Director, Development, Crescent Real Estate
Equities, LLC and moderated by Tracy Merzi, Market President and Publisher of the Dallas
Business Journal.

The panel had a lively discussion around the future of Uptown, the idea of growing up –
literally, in regard to developing more high rises as well as the idea of redeveloping existing
buildings. They also discussed how to keep millennials in the area longer as they entire into the
young family phase and the significant need to consider transportation and mobility as some of
Uptown’s greatest future challenges.

“The panel members ideas are their own, but we believe in the power of collaboration and
getting a diverse set of ideas on the table to help us navigate to the best solutions for all of
Uptown,” stated LeVeaux. “The more bright minds around the table the better, “she added. She
indicated the need for input and support as the Uptown PID will be pursuing reauthorization
this year.

The meeting ended with a reveal of the 25th anniversary logo, an announcement of a social
campaign called 25 Days of Giveaways to start the celebration, and a thank you to the sponsors
– McKinney & Olive and Platinum Parking. The year long celebration will include additional
events and campaigns.