- Kimber Westphall, Dallas Morning News

It’s clear to the frequent Uptown Dallas visitor or resident that the neighborhood is getting an edit. An infusion of new storefronts and businesses are surging new energy into the buzzy area, from the new Sephora and Modern Citizen in West Village to Fit Social Club and Foxtrot. There’s also a new tailor shop that’s a great fit: Edit Alterations.

Edit Alterations strives to fill a void within the tailoring industry, for both men and women. Hoping clients don’t see the task of getting garments tailored as mundane and routine, the founder is trying to reinvent the category and atmosphere.

“There is actually a tailor shop every half a mile,” Raja Ratan, founder of Edit Alterations, says. “The problem isn’t supply. The problem is quality.” He says he provides atmosphere, quality work and exceptional customer service.

Edit Alterations is a new tailor shop in the West Village in Dallas. (Robert Underwood IV)


Ratan’s staff includes two master tailors and five additional full-time tailors. The Uptown location as the venture’s first operation is strategic. He says that e-commerce has added an uptick in the need for tailoring and customization, as buyers aren’t able to try on their purchases virtually.

“Our location is especially conducive to this, as we are in the heart of Uptown where a lot of young professionals likely do a lot of their shopping online,” Ratan says.

Uptown Dallas Inc.’s interim president, Noelle LeVeaux, says the people of Uptown have high expectations for quality products and outstanding customer service. With more than 19,000 residents and more than 30,000 daily visitors within 1 square mile, she says individuals can hop from retailer to retailer to accomplish an entire to-do list.

Edit Alterations is a new tailor shop in the West Village in Dallas. (Robert Underwood IV)


“From everything I’ve heard about Edit, they will fit right in here,” she said. “I also love their spirit of community and collaboration, which they show through their clothing donations to local charities.”

When Edit Alterations opened, Dallas resident Steven Riskey breathed a sigh of relief. He says he’s been on the hunt for this type of tailoring experience.

“Tailoring in Dallas was previously a commodity, in a service where skill and sensibility matter,” Riskey says. “Edit is a tailor that has a point of view about how to best tailor a garment for me. The comfortable, elegant space is just icing on the cake.”

Ratan says the tailoring team will travel to the client’s home if the customer desires.

“The convenience that we offer in the form of going to clients’ homes is a big one when people have a large quantity of garments they need adjusted and don’t want to lug it around during the process,” Ratan says.

Edit Alterations is a new tailor shop in the West Village in Dallas. (Robert Underwood IV)


Edit Alterations may be brand new to Dallas, but tailoring and the apparel industry are not new to Ratan. His father has been in the custom tailor industry for more than 50 years, and by nature of his upbringing, this influenced Ratan to found Q Clothier in 2003. The Dallas men’s custom clothing brand has grown nationally, with nine locations across the country. He is also the brains behind Rye 51, another men’s custom clothing shop, with eight locations nationwide. Edit Alterations sits among his other concepts in West Village.

Edit Alterations is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and by appointment only on Sundays. 3699 McKinney Ave., Suite 311, Dallas. 214-613-2525. editalterations.com.