- Katy Trail

The Friends of the Katy Trail is excited to announce that construction will start soon to complete the soft-surface path from Knox Street south to Blackburn Street. Work is expected to get underway sometime in the first quarter of 2020 and take about nine months.

Since it opened nearly 20 years ago, the Katy Trail has had a missing piece. The vision for the Katy Trail has always called for two parallel paths – one concrete for wheels and one soft for feet – to run the Trail’s entire 3.5-mile length. However, the soft-surface path has been missing from that Knox-Blackburn one-mile stretch.

This project is important because it will enhance safety on the Trail. Usage continues to grow each year – more than 1 million are estimated to use the Trail annually. The completion will help to relieve congestion by creating more capacity and separating bikes from runners and walkers.

Plans for the completion have been developed in conjunction with the City of Dallas. The project will enhance the Trail’s beauty as well, adding extensive landscaping to the Trail. New trees and bushes will be planted, and flower beds will be added. Also, the current soft-surface path along the Trail will be resurfaced, as the current surface is reaching the end of its lifespan.

Although it is a City of Dallas park, Friends of the Katy Trail operates and maintains the Trail – and raises the money needed to do so.

It is through the generosity and vision of some of Dallas’ leading philanthropists, companies and foundations that this project is possible. The Friends have been working quietly to secure the funds needed for the project. However, the fundraising campaign isn’t complete – other gifts are still necessary to meet the goal.

Please help us complete the Katy Trail by donating at KatyTrailDallas.org/completethetrail or contacting the Friends of the Katy Trail office at 214-303-1182.