- Anita Simmons

San Martin Bakery in Uptown Dallas has become the sweet spot in the popular neighborhood. With plenty of parking and an open concept atmosphere, that is nothing short of an influencers dream come true, the food is delicious, and the prices are just right.

Serving everything from pizza and pasta to avocado toast (my favorite) and sandwiches and wraps; the food is plentiful, and the services is spot on.

The bakery makes it easy to grab and go your favorite coffee and pastry. You can even indulge in a bite-sized dessert or purchase an entire cake for your next birthday or anniversary.

So, you can imagine my excitement when I received the invitation to meet the new Executive Pastry Chef and to experience the new showcase of desserts for San Martin’s #MonthOfLove Valentine’s promotion.

“We’re neighbors, call me by my first name and I’ll call you by yours,” said Chef John as he made his introduction to me. There’s nothing better than living and working in a neighborhood with this kind of community and hospitality; something I’ve always admired about Uptown.

Chef John presented me with 8 new varieties of macrons. I was particularly partial to the raspberry and a new pecan flavor (San Martin shopped the pecans locally from a nearby Texas ranch). Other flavors included: pistachio, orange, blackberry, Nutella, lemon, Dulce)

From macrons we moved to tarts. Now, prepare yourself before viewing the next photo because drooling may commence; and there would be no judgement whatsoever. From a decadent chocolate ganache to a strawberry jam with pistachio crunch, and from then to a lemon citrus that turn your taste buds into an award-winning Olympic gymnast.

Chef John did not stop there. Introductions were also made to a Limoncello Mousse Cake, a rum based chocolate cake (you read that correctly now run and get you one), cream puffs and more.

Needless to say, you can find everything you need to sweeten your Valentine’s Day and impress your loved one with a beautiful, flavorful, treat that’s sure to impress. Other gifts in the bakery can also be purchased like a $10 basket that you can fill with these additional goodies, including one of San Martin’s famous Owl Coffee Mugs.

Don’t have a Valentine? A bonus to these incredible desserts is that you can treat yourself (as you should) and get a personalized size just for you (shout out to my single friends)!

San Martin Bakery is located at 3120 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75204 and is open daily.