- Quincy Preston, Dallas Innovates

This week’s last word came from Dr. Myriam Igoufe, VP of Policy Development and Research at the Dallas Housing Authority, which has bolstered its efforts to distribute housing assistance to local renters.

Here’s more of “who said what” in our collection of quotes. You’ll find  Uptown Dallas Inc.’s Anita SimmonsRiver Logic’s Carlos Centurion, Alkami’s Adrianne CourtBingie’s Joey Lane, and more among our favorites.

These North Texans had “The Last Word.

Anita Simmons
Director of Marketing and Communications
Uptown Dallas Inc.

VOTE. “It’s a simple word with a big message,” Simmons says. And with Election Day coming up fast, Uptown Dallas Inc. wants to encourage people to register and to vote.

Made up of a giant decal, the VOTE wall debuted yesterday. It’s located between The Rustic and Uptown Station.

“In a social media world, it’s the perfect backdrop for photos while sharing the importance of voting,” Simmons says.

Uptown Dallas Inc. says it’s planning a few opportunities to register to vote at the wall (before the Oct. 6 deadline, of course.)