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There is amazing public art to be found all around Uptown, if you just know where to look. At the intersection of McKinney and Lemmon avenues, look down and you’ll see the dazzling new crosswalk that was recently installed. Look outside the Standard Pour to spot the #StartedWithAScreenshot He(art) Wall, or by Taco Diner for the Super Deluxe mural. And speaking of tacos, there’s also LA Muñoz’s riff on Austin’s famous “I love you so much” wall, right here in Uptown on the side of Urban Taco.

These are only a few of the Instagram-worthy spots that help turn a stroll around Uptown into a bonafide art walk, thanks to the efforts of Uptown Dallas Inc. The nonprofit management organization has worked hard to stock its neighborhood with beautiful public art, in addition to keeping it clean, safe, and blooming with flowers. And the collection is only expected to grow.

Leisurely making your way from one end of Uptown to the other (roughly one square mile) would mean taking in 27 distinct pieces of art — and that’s not counting the eight recognizable javelins that signal the neighborhood’s borders. Murals and sculptures might be the most prolific, but there are also fountains and water features, and even an obelisk in the mix.

Marvel at Margo Sawyer’s Synchronicity Light Receptors by Cityplace/Uptown Station, or the dragon sculpture by an unknown artist that sits near Hotel Zaza. You might be familiar with Brad Oldham’s sleek and shiny Traveling Man in Deep Ellum, but the artist has a sculpture on this side of the highway too: Uptown Moment near the intersection of McKinney Avenue and Routh Street. Even the iconic B&G letters have landed outside Whole Foods Market, giving you one more place in which to show that “big things happen here.”

Plus that new crosswalk, which it titled Unicorn Art Theory and was designed by local artist Ricardo Paniagua (he of the colorful Super Deluxe mural). It’s Dallas’ first fabricated art crosswalk, and reinforces UDI’s commitment to bringing art into the public realm. It also shows how Uptown Dallas Inc. is always looking for ways to make its neighborhood more vibrant and walkable.

Snapping pics around Uptown? Don’t forget to use the hashtag #ArtInUptown or check out UDI’s Instagram for inspiration.