- Dallas Style & Design Magazine

There are a handful of historic hotels in Uptown Dallas, but only one just completed a $30-million re-imagination, which took nearly a year to complete. Hotel Crescent Court, located within the flourishing 11-acre Crescent Complex just steps from the Dallas Arts District and surrounded by stylish shopping, dining and entertainment, unveiled the expansive renovation.

Dallas-based interior and architectural design firm waldrop + nichols studio was tasked with leading the charge. It formulated an interior design concept that honors the historic property’s past and blends European luxury and elegance with impeccable Texas hospitality. “Embarking on a design renovation for a hotel with renowned presence and pedigree requires a commitment to honor the heritage yet still create an aesthetic for the next generation,” says Andrea Waldrop, the firm’s vice president. “Every design environment created provides an original platform that stirs a guest to engage and embrace the essence of the interior.”

The designers drew cues from works of haute couture and avant-garde ideals in the full redesign and restoration of the 186 luxury guest rooms and 40 suites, an addition of nine suites from the original. New bathrooms and vanity areas were part of the room renovation, and the designers selected a color palette of limestone, blush, taupe and mink, which speak to the classic French exterior. In addition to the rooms, the designers updated the floor corridors, elevators and lobby, while creating a new, swanky champagne and cocktail lounge, Beau Nash, located on the lobby level. Beau Nash radiates timeless elegance, with a beautiful marble bar top imported from Spain, tasteful brass light fixtures and rich materials. A sophisticated palette of slate, ink and silver textiles adds depth and mood to the space.

A second interior design firm, Michelle Meredith + Associates, spearheaded the renovation of the 22,000-square-foot luxury spa and fitness center. The new facilities exude modern luxury, bringing a fresh, organic atmosphere to the hotel. To create the oasis of serenity a color palette of subtle lavenders, blues, grays and warm creams accented with brass and glossy whites were used. All artwork and materials were hand-selected to showcase simplistic natural forms and patterns, from spiral root figures, representing health and growth, to forms of water and lush vegetation that connect to the most basic elements.

The transformation of Hotel Crescent Court pays homage to the 5-star hotel’s French Renaissance facade while upholding the vision of Caroline Rose Hunt and the original architect and Pritzker Prize-winner, Philip Johnson. 214-871-3200 crescentcourt.com