- Susie Oszustowicz, Dallas Observer

The traditional Clover Club cocktail is gin, lemon juice, dry vermouth, raspberry syrup and egg white. It’s considered one of the classics every bartender should know. It has a nice sweetness balanced by the botanical flavors of dry vermouth, and topped with egg white for show. We’d say it’s about the same for Dallas’ newest “throwback” supper club, The Clover Club — good foundation, a little extra something for intrigue, and a show and a view to top it off.

The Clover Club opened in the former Teddy’s Room/Nikkei space a couple of months back, and we had, admittedly, a little trepidation. Call it superstitious because the other concepts in that space (no matter how great the design and offerings) never seemed to make it, or call us font snobs because their first invitation was sent in Comic Sans. Either way, we were eager to see how its debut fared in the Uptown scene.

With the promise of a cocktail program by the inimitable Eddie “Lucky” Campbell (Parliament, The Standard Pour) and food from Anthony Van Camp (formerly of Al Biernat’s, SER), the supper club has talent coming through the kitchen, bar and stage. They brought in local singer and bandleader Hunter Sullivan to fill their stage almost nightly. Sullivan planned to bring in musical talent from nightclub crooners covering standards to big band orchestras, and he’s packed the schedule.