- Holly Case, Neighborhoods.com

The Uptown district is arguably the hottest and most fashionable neighborhood in Dallas. Uptown Dallas, Inc., a public improvement company in the district, recently celebrated its installation of public crosswalk art at the popular intersection of McKinney Avenue and Lemmon Avenue East.

Uptown Dallas, Inc. commissioned the art, titled “Unicorn Art Theory,” from local artist Ricardo Paniagua. It is the first fabricated art crosswalk in Dallas. The art incorporates Paniagua’s characteristically bright and colorful geometric designs that span the two 50’ X 10’ crosswalk spaces.

The location of the public art in the popular West Village development of Uptown is well situated for maximum visibility by pedestrians, bikers, motorists, and trolley riders. Cities are trying to develop more walkable urban neighborhoods. Public art is one sign of commitment to creating a vibrant urban lifestyle.

“The success of Uptown results from it providing an attractive and vibrant place to live,” Dallas City Councilman Philip Kingston said in a press release. “Investment in public art is a direct investment in Uptown’s competitive advantage.”

Gail Sachson, former chairwoman of the Dallas Cultural Affairs Commission and vice-chairwoman of the Dallas Public Art Committee agrees. “Ricardo Paniagua’s unique painted crosswalk installation adds visual excitement to Uptown’s already vibrant atmosphere. ‘Unicorn Art Theory’ will promote public art, while encouraging a positive and pleasurable sense of place.”

Uptown Dallas, Inc. plans to implement more public art over the course of the next year. Their hope is to promote a sense of pride in the thriving community.