- Anita Simmons, Uptown Dallas Inc.

More than 230 American Flags will soon soar the streets of Uptown Dallas thanks to the public improvement company, Uptown Dallas Inc. (UDI). The patriotic flag of the USA will line the popular streets of McKinney Avenue, CityPlace West Boulevard and Griggs Park with a mission of positivity and hope that life will one day go back to normal.

The news of the COVID-19 pandemic has taken over the world, but a positive spirit remains in Uptown, Dallas. With patrons cheering from balconies and small businesses finding creative ways to connect with consumers, hope is strong.  

“Even in these uncertain times we’re seeing the best of people,” said Anita Simmons, Director of Marketing and Communications for Uptown Dallas Inc. “This project is an extension of that and we hope it helps to amplify and symbolize the collective support of the community in honor of first responders, grocery stores attendants, small businesses, truck drivers, teachers, public transit operators and families who are directly impacted by this virus.”

The time of physical togetherness is on hold while the country practices the new motto of ‘social distancing,’ but many parks and trails are still open.

“Uptown is known for its healthy lifestyle with more than 130 workout facilities and the Kathy Trail,” says Executive Director, Kathy Stewart. “On good weather days, social distancing has been challenging on the Katy Trail so we hope people can jog or stroll our tree-lined streets and wide sidewalks while admiring the American Flags.”

UDI initially scheduled the American Flag project to begin on Memorial Day this year, but with the ongoing news of the Coronavirus, the company acted quickly with the City of Dallas and Oncor to advance the permitting.

The American Flags stretch along McKinney Avenue from Pearl Street at The Crescent to Oak Grove near Travis Middle School. In addition, the American Flags can also be seen in Griggs Park and along CityPlace West Blvd in Uptown’s West Village which will also be the site of Uptown Dallas Inc.’s 5th Annual Block Party, a free concert open to the public, on October 1st.

In the spirit of goodness, Uptown Dallas Inc. has also been providing meals to the Central Division of the Dallas Police Department and Extended Neighborhood Patrol Officers.

In response to COVID-19, the Uptown Dallas Inc. clean streets ambassadors continue to work as essential business proactively and routinely cleaning public touch points such as crosswalk buttons and handrails. UDI continues to update their website, uptowndallas.net, with information and resources accordingly and a ‘support local’ page with information on offerings and promotions from Uptown merchants.

Uptown Dallas, Inc. (UDI) is a not-for-profit management group focused on the public improvement of the Uptown District (PID) through neighborhood maintenance projects, safety and marketing. For more information about Uptown, visit uptowndallas.net and follow Uptown Dallas on social media.


Media Contact:
Anita Simmons
Uptown Dallas Inc.
Director of Marketing & Communications